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The purpose of our company - granting to clients of complex integration decisions at creation of Corporate Information systems (CIS)

Open Company "ИСТП" is the company working in the market of information technology of Republic Kazakhstan since 2001 and possessing in full knowledge of hardware-software complexes of information systems, the technologies used for their construction and integration.

ISTP ltd. provides:

  • The system integrator and the project coordinator;
  • Designing, creations also it is system-technical support information systems,
  • networks of data exchange of high degree of reliability and safety;
  • Performs warranty and after-guarantee support of the network, computing, communication and peripheral equipment of information systems;
  • Developments and introductions of applied software solutions;
  • Deliveries, installation and technical support of system software, ODBC, GIS;
  • The certificated training to company ESRI products;
  • Supports of the system and applied software.

ISTP ltd. possesses a work experience on development, system integration of large-scale projects for Republic Kazakhstan public authorities. One of the basic directions of the company are: Realization of goods of world leaders - companies ESRI and Leica Geosystems. Technical support, training, consulting, accomplishment of complex project works on the basis of GIS-TECHNOLOGIES. Products of these companies constitute the most perfect geo-information system (ГИС), based on the industrial standards, possessing rich functionality and completely ready to work.

Realization of goods, decisions and technologies of the world leader – companies SAS Institute. Technical support, training, consulting, accomplishment of complex project works on the basis of SAS-technologies. SAS raises the investments soundness, already made you at purchasing of operating systems and appendices, adding to them level of knowledge which can't be acquired somewhere else. Here from one source you receive all necessary for introduction at your enterprise of the strategy based on knowledge. Unlike other companies delivering isolated decisions, SAS offers you a complete spectrum of world-wide recognized analytical decisions providing data management of your enterprise and allocating you all force of knowledge.

We also offer the software of other firms for creation of corporate information systems. ISTP ltd. is the Kazakhstan company without participation of the foreign capital, staff of its employees is constituted only by the citizens of the Republic Kazakhstan who are highly skilled, certificated specialists on servicing of computing and telecommunication complexes, to support and development of the system and applied software of high degree of complexity with use of high technologies.